6th Annual Carolina BAM 2017

When: Saturday
March 18, 2017
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Carolina BAM 2017 Location
Greene Street Nightclub
113 N Greene St
Greensboro, NC 27401

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Here we go and full steam ahead! Mark your calendars for
St. Patrick Day’s weekend for the 6th Annual Carolina BAM and help us celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the BMC of NC!

This year again it is our pleasure to welcome Paul Anthony as our title sponsor for the 6th Annual Carolina BAM. Paul Anthony is a full service men’s salon that offers full barber services and more. Paul Anthony will also be returning this year with a booth offering complimentary hair and beard touch ups to have you looking your best when it’s time to hit the stage.

There is just no better way to celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day weekend then at a competition celebrating what we enjoy most…beards, brotherhood and charity.  Carolina BAM 2017 will raise money for 2 great charities, Back Pack Beginnings in Greensboro and Safe Alliance in Charlotte. Last year we were able to raise over $8,500 for these organizations and look forward to topping last year's total !!!

Start your weekend right with the St. Patrick's Day themed welcome party and rolling onto (a Saturday afternoon pub crawl), the main event on Saturday night with Carolina BAM 2017, (and finally the goodbye breakfast on Sunday morning) combining to make the best weekend in Greensboro since Carolina BAM 2016.

Join us as we celebrate 10 years of Bearding, Bonding & Brotherhood with The BMC of NC. Mark your calendars in permant ink and line up your lodging now!!! 

This event closed for registrations on 3/17/2017

Explanation of Categories:   http://nacbma.org/categories
For those of you who are new to competing or are unfamiliar with the categories in a competition you can find detailed explinations in the above link.
The BMCofNC adheres to these NACBMA guidlines
We do not do a Prejury at this competition, but we will evaluate whether you are in the correct category at check in when you will be assigned your number.

Sequence of the Evening: 3/18/17
1 Natural Mustache
2 Styled Mustache
3 Jr. Beardo
4 Full Beard Styled Mustache
5 Goatee
6 Partial Beard 
7 Full Beard Freestyle
8 Whiskerina Natural
9 Groomed Beard (Verdi & Garibaldi)
10 Chops – Sideburns
11 Donegal – Whaler
12 Whiskerina Creative
13 Corporate under 1”
14 Beard 1” – 6”
15 Beard 6”- 12”
16 Beard 12” +
17 Best in Show

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