Exhibit Days
August 2 - 4, 2017

South Point Hotel, Casino & Convention Center
9777 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV

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Exhibitor Badge Registration

Exhibitors will be provided with complimentary BCA Expo 2017 badges based on the amount of exhibit space they have reserved.  Exhibitors may register company personnel only. 
Do not register customers, friends or installation/dismantle personnel.  Refer to the allotment info below. Additional badges required over the allocated amount must be approved by Expo Management. 

Exhibitor Badges Allotment
1 booth-4 badges; 2 booths-6 badges;
3 booths-8 badges; 4 booths-10 badges;
5 booths-12 badges; 6 booths-14 badges;   
8 booths-16 badges; 9 booths-18 badges;
10 booths-20 badges; 11 booths-22 badges;
12 booths-24 badges; 13 booths-26 badges;
14 booths-28 badges.

This event closed for registrations on 8/4/2017

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