FLOAT Balloon Convention 2019
St Louis Airport Marriott
January 27 through 31, 2019

January 27 - 31, 2019

St Louis Airport Marriott
10700 Pear Tree Lane
St Louis, MO 63134

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As a fully registered delegate for the 2019 FLOAT Convention, I understand that my registration includes the following:
*  Access for one (1) individual to attend the ten (10) regular 90-minute class sessions
*  One (1) complimentary ticket to the 2017 Designer Awards Gala
*  Access for one (1) individual to attend all social and hands-on events during the convention that do not require an additional fee
*  Access to the Vendor Showcase
*  Eligibility to enter the Design Competitions as either a competitor or team member.

I understand that my registration does NOT include the Academic FLOATBook, any Master or Bonus Classes (available for an additional fee), FLOAT 2019 merchandise, additional guest or day pass access to classes or events, any hotel or hotel related expenses, any travel or travel related expenses, any meals outside of the Designer Awards Gala, or any other expenses not otherwise included in the before mentioned portion of this document.
FLOAT offers both educational and social environments, and as such there is always the potential for injury, harm, illness and possibly death. Everything at FLOAT is “engage at your own risk” and as such, Each FLOAT attendee is required to carry their own insurance, and will not hold FLOAT, its producers, staff, instructors or sponsors responsible for such harm including but not limited to injury, illness, dismemberment and death.
I acknowledge that videocameras and photography equipment will be in use at FLOAT and given that I am an extremely attractive individual, I realize that my involvement in FLOAT gives the producers of the convention the right to use my image and likeness to help market or promote FLOAT in any way they see fit.
Finally, I acknowledge that I have read and thoroughly understand FLOAT’s offcial cancellation policy as it appears here and on the  registration page of the FLOATConvention.com website.
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Registration     Price Quantity

International Delegate Registration      $300.00
Fast FLOAT Registration Price      $350.00
Vendor Showcase Sponsor     $500.00
Hospitality Room Sponsor      $250.00
FLOAT Day Pass Monday      $175.00
FLOAT Day Pass Tuesday      $175.00
FLOAT Day Pass Wednesday      $175.00

Updated January 27, 2017

For Registrations placed prior to February 8th, 2017

Any and all delegates eligible for the $275 discounted rate must be paid in full by February 15, 2018. Failure to complete full payment by February 15, 2018, will result in a complete refund of any and all payments made to the delegate and a forfeiture of the reserved spot. Any and all payments made by returning delegates at the $275.00 rate are 100% refundable as long as the request for refund is made no later than February 15, 2018.

For Registrations before November 30, 2018:
If you need to cancel your registration for FLOAT 2019 on or before November 30, 2018, you are entitled to a refund of money paid towards registration minus a cancellation penalty of $100.00 US. All cancellation requests must be placed in writing on before said date of November 30, 2018. Cancelled registrations will also negate the option to purchase the 2019 Academic FLOATBook. The refund of any additional money paid towards supplemental FLOAT products such as Master Classes, Bonus Classes or t-shirts or other items are subject to the discretion of the executive producer. 
For Registrations after December 1, 2018:
After of December 1, 2018, you will not be permitted to cancel an existing registration and therefore, not subject to a refund of any kind. Additional money paid towards supplemental FLOAT products such as the Academic FLOATBook, Master Classes, Bonus Classes, t-shirts or other items are refundable at this time. Registrations may only be transfered to another person with the expressed permission of the executive producer, and are subject to a transfer fee of $25.00 if approved.

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