Training Course on Late Phase Nuclear Accident Preparedness and Management - 19-23 June 2017, Gomel (Belarus Republic)

June 19 - 23, 2017

Research Institute of Radiology
Fedyuninskogo Street, 16
Gomel, Belarus

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The training course on “Late Phase Nuclear Accident Preparedness and Management” is organised by the Nuclear Protection Evaluation Center (CEPN - France) and the Institute of Radiology (RIR - Belarus), in cooperation with the European platform NERIS on emergency and post-accident preparedness and response. The course is co-funded by the European joint programme CONCERT. 
The course will take place from June 19-23, 2017 in Gomel, Belarus and is limited to 24 participants.

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the various dimensions and challenges of the long-term rehabilitation process after a nuclear event, and also provides practical elements for the implementation of late phase countermeasures for dealing with rural and urban contaminated environment. A particular attention is given to “stakeholder engagement” approaches to initiate preparedness processes on one hand and to favour the implication of the inhabitants in their own protection as well as in decision making process related to the redeployment of social and economic activities in the affected areas in case of an accident on the other hand.
The course is based on international recommendations and on the material produced and developed in several European and international projects: ETHOS, SAGE, FARMING, CORE, EURANOS and NERIS. It is made of lectures, practical working sessions and discussions. It also relies on the practical experience of Belarussian organisations in the management of the Chernobyl consequences as well as on the first lessons from the management of the consequences of the Fukushima accident.
The main objective of the course for late phase nuclear accident preparedness and management is to provide principles and practical guidance for the key players involved in the preparedness for rehabilitation of living conditions in contaminated areas in the aftermath of a nuclear/radiological accident. The course will offer a comprehensive overview of the various dimensions and challenges of rehabilitation. It will include also practical elements for the implementation of countermeasures for managing long-term contaminated rural and urban environments, notably through the organization of a direct dialogue with local stakeholders living in the areas affected by the Chernobyl accident.


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