Employment First Outcome Tracking System Training

May 16, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ARC Industries
2780 Airport Drive
Suite 120
Columbus, OH 43219

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Training on the Employment First Outcome Tracking System 

This training will review and demonstrate the web-based data collection system: The Employment First Outcome Tracking System (EF OTS). The training will focus on what data needs to be reported, how to submit the employment data, and how often it needs to be reported. 

This training is designed for DODD certified providers of employment services, including Vocational Habilitation, Individual Employment Supports, Group Employment Supports, and/or Career Planning. 

There is no fee for this training. 

Any questions may be directed to the Employment First mailbox: employmentfirst@dodd.ohio.gov 
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Event Details

This training is sponsored by the Department of Developmental Disabilities - Division of Policy and Strategic Direction and hosted by ARC Industries.

This training is available to any DODD certified provider of employment services in Ohio.

Please park near the rear of the building, as this is closer to the entrance.

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