Coonskin Cap Brigade LATE Campfire 2017

October 6 - 8, 2017

4-H Camp Ohio
11461 Camp Ohio Rd
St. Louisville, OH

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The Coonskin Cap Brigade Late Campfire will be October 6, 7, & 8, 2017, at 4-H Camp Ohio, near St. Louisville, Ohio.  The Coonskin Cap Brigade is for youth and adults (aged 10 and up) who desire to learn more about sport shooting, hunting, trapping, hunter education, conservation, water safety, and outdoor activities.  The program spans four years. Ohio's Hunter Education Course is offered to first year participants.
NOTES FOR 2017: 
· Online Registration is ENCOURAGED. If you must mail your registration, please fill out the online registration, choose the "pay by mail" option and print and mail your form.
· $100.00 per attendee, Youth or Adult Participant, Adult Sponsors, and Instructors
· We are encouraging adult and family participation. Adult Participants will go through the same program as youth
· You can pay online via check or credit card
· Camp lasts until 5:00PM on Sunday.  Please plan to be in camp until after the campfire.
· All participants must complete the entire registration form. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.
· Plan to eat before you arrive on Friday as no meal will be served.
This event closed for registrations on 9/15/2017

Event Details

This is a policy of the League of Ohio Sportsmen Foundation. Youth found with phones or electronics will have the item confiscated for the remainder of the program.
Camp is a three-day event, with check in starting at 5:00pm Friday, October 6, 2017.
First year participants receive hands on instruction as well as classroom work. Second year participants will expand on their skills and sew a coonskin cap. Third year participants will sharpen their skills, practice on a more advanced level, participate in a pheasant hunt, and make a decoy. Fourth year's participate in a woods walk where all of the skills they have learned the previous 3 years will be tested. They will also make a knife.

Shooting instruction includes archery, pistol, shotgun, .22, and muzzleloader, and high power rifle for advanced participants. Not all years will participate in all venues. Experienced, qualified instructors and personnel from the Divisions of Wildlife and Watercraft do instruction. Youth who have completed the four-year program are eligible to apply to return as a Junior Instructor.
Coonskin Cap Brigade activities are carried out rain or shine so rain gear and warm clothes are a must.  Bring toiletry items, towels, sleeping bags or linens with a warm blanket.  Spending money is optional but quarters are needed for the pop and snack machines.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.
To put on a program this comprehensive, it is necessary to call upon sponsors for assistance.  Some of the help needed includes table set up, group leaders, dorm supervision, and clean up supervisors.  We leave the camp cleaner than we found it.  This is ALL attendees’ responsibility.  NO ONE is to leave the camp until it is clean!
Each attending adult may sponsor up to three youths.  All applications should be filled out completely and legibly.  You may make as many copies of the registration form as needed.  No application will be processed without payment of $100 per attendee attending.  REGISTRATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 15, 2017.  NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!   No refunds will be made for cancellations after October 1st.  No registrations will be accepted at camp!
It is the responsibility of the attending adult sponsor to supervise their youths, including behavior, adherence to Camp rules, attendance at activities and classes, clean up, and their general well being.  If the sponsor is not the parent or legal guardian of a youth, the sponsor must have a phone number where a parent or legal guardian can be reached in the event of an emergency.

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