15 - 19 May, 2017
8:00 AM

Campus Tecnologico e Nuclear, Polo de Loures do IST
Estrada Nacional 10 (km 139,7)
, Portugal

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You can register here for 
EAN 17th Workshop 
on ALARA in Emergency Exposure Situations 
[15-17 May 2017] (joint with NERIS)


3rd NERIS Workshop [17-19 May]


N.B. different registration fee apply if your organization is EAN or NERIS Members: please choose wisely!
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Registration     Quantity

EAN and NERIS Members : registration to EAN   
17th Workshop [200 E]

EAN and NERIS members : registration to   
NERIS 3rd Workshop [200 E]

EAN and NERIS members : registration to both   
EAN 17th and NERIS 3rd Workshops [400 E]

Other participants : registration to EAN   
17th Workshop [250 E]

Other participants : registration to NERIS   
3rd Workshop [250 E]

Other participants : registration to both   
EAN 17th and NERIS 3rd Workshops [500 E]


- EAN Workshop preliminary programme : available here

- NERIS Workshop preliminary prgramme: available shortly

Itinerary and accomodation
Both workshops will be held at IST campus, located at Bobadela, 13 km north of Lisbon.
http://bit.ly/2ebrRtY (38°48'40.8"N 9°05'35.6"W)
Note that Lisbon International Airport is located at 6 km from IST.

IST campus can be reach from Lisbon City and Parque das Naçoes area by :
> From city centreTrain [Linha da Azambuja] to "Bobadela" station, located at 400 m from IST campus
> From Parque dos Naos area: you can catch train from city centre (1/hour) or use the bus lines 
Bus 317 f
rom "Oriente" to "EN. 10 B° Petrogal Moveis" [500 m from IST] ;
Bus 316 and 318 from "Oriente" to "Bobadela R. Amilcar Cabral Pastelaria" [800 m from IST]. 
> Transportation by special buses may be arranged.

Selected hotels are located at Parque das Naçoes area, 20 min from IST by public transport (train):
> Hotel Ibis Lisboa Parque das Naçoes, rua do Mar Vermehlo;
> VIP Executive Arts Hotel, avenue D. Joao II;
> Hotel Tryp Lisboa Oriente, 
avenue D. Joao II;
> Hotel Olissippo Oriente, avenue D. Joao II;
> Hotel Tivoli Oriente, avenue D. Joao II.
When you have choosen your hotel, use the correct booking form (.zip, 600 Ko) to make your reservation 
N.B. Hotel rooms availability in Lisbon might be tighten in May 2017 so it is recommended you book early.

Registration Fees

Fees cover workshop participation costs, lunches and coffee breaks. 

EAN 17th Workshop (joint with NERIS) (15-17 May):
> 250 €/participant
> 200 € for EAN and NERIS Members *
> Technical exhibitor are welcome to the workshop. Exhibition will be displayed in the main hall of the building. The registration fees is 250 €/participant. 
NERIS 3rd Worskop (17-19 May)
> 250 €/participant
> 200 € for EAN and NERIS Members *
You will find payment details in the confirmation email. 
For one organization that is in EAN or in NERIS, the fees are 200 € per event. EAN members can benefit from the reduce price at NERIS workshop and vice-versa.


- For EAN workshop registration, please contact sylvain.andresz@cepn.asso.fr.
- For NERIS workshop registration, please contact sec@eu-neris.net.
- For local arrangement, please contact the local arrangement committee : Mr. M. Capucho dos Reis at IST (mcapucho@ctn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt) (EAN and NERIS events) or Mr. Joao Martin (joa.martins@apambiente.pt) (NERIS event).

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