July 4, 2017
3:00 PM

Eco Water Madison Stage- corner of High and Madison
200 East High
Jefferson City , MO

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J. Pfenny's
Hot Dog Eating Contest

  • A timed hot dog eating contest!
  • Anyone who thinks they can eat a lot of hot dogs fast
  • Professional Competitive Eaters
  • Business Sponsored Competitors
  • Eating Contest on the EcoWater Madison Street Stage, corner of High and Madison, Jefferson City, Missouri 
  • July 4th, 2017
  • Contest begins at 3:00
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Contestant     $20.00
Add to Calendar 7/4/2017 3:00 PM 7/4/2017 3:00 PM 2017 J. Pfenny's Hot Dog Eating Contest Eco Water Madison Stage- corner of High and Madison
200 East High
Jefferson City , MO 65101
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Event Details

Meet at J. Pfennys Sports Grill and Pub at 1pm on July 4th during the Salute to America celebration to watch Nathans Famous Hot dog Eating Contest on ESPN at 3pm Eastern time. 

At the conclusion of the live broadcast, the contestants will take to the EcoWater Madison Stage to compete in their own hotdog eating contest. 

Entry Fee: Online Registration $20 per contestant with a Tshirt included.
You must be 18 to enter. 

Ten (10) contestants will compete on stage

Guaranteed Cash Prize to 1st place winner of $300
Local gift certificates for amateur contestants

10 minutes will be alloted to eat as many Nathans Famous hotdogs and buns as you can.Contestants may eat either sitting or standing in their designated area. Contestants must wait for the starting signal to begin eating and may not touch any hot dogs prior to the starting signal. It is allowed for a food item to be separated, dunked, mushed, and mashed in an effort to consume quickly but one hot dog must be completely finished before moving on to the next. Contestants will be given five hot dogs and buns to start. There will be two cups of water for dunking or drinking, mustard and ketchup on the table for the contestants. When the last of the five hot dogs is in process of consumption, five more will be placed before the contestant. If observed hiding their hot dogs, dropping them under the table, or placing them on another contestant's plate, they will be immediately disqualified. You must finish chewing and swallowing all food in your mouth within 30 seconds of the timer going off. All food must be kept down for 2 minutes of timer going off.  Judges will determine the winner by weighing leftovers if a tie occurs. Judges word is final.


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