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St. James the Greater Parents:

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If your family would like to become members of St. James the Greater, please call Christine Warloski in the parish office to register at 715-835-5887
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Welcome to St. James the Greater
Religious Education 2017-18


With a growing number of Religious Education students, changes have been made for this upcoming school year.  There will be two sections of each grade 1-8.  Due to limited classroom space, students will be divided into two groups, A & B, and will come on alternating Wednesday starting in early September-April from 6:15-7:30.  We will put families with students in grades 1-8 in the same group and do our best if they have a HS student.

Confirmation students, usually grades 9 & 10, will have a separate calendar for the school year but will now be meeting on certain Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30.

Please welcome our new
Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE),

Elizabeth Cerny!
She joins the St. James' staff to help with grades 1-8.
If you have any questions, email or call

Kelly Beaudrie at 715-878-9006

or Elizabeth Cerny at 612-910-3793


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