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Ride the Rockies, Dual Sport maps,
all GPS routes have been updated since we started
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Pub Crawl on Saturday Night - Info


These are links to the pre-defined routes for STAR 2017.

For each route there will be at least 5 links below:
Route-x.htm   - This is a web version of the Streets and Trips mapping and instructions.
Route-x-notes.pdf – These are my route notes for that route and includes all the ‘manual’ maps. These are maps that have been scanned in and marked up with Photoshop.
Route-x.pdf – This is the basic S&T map with directions – suitable for printing.
Route-x-tbyt.pdf – This is a turn by turn version of the map – some may prefer this.
Route-x-strip.pdf – This is a strip map of the route – prints directions on the same page as the map section.
Route-x.gpx - the GPX (GPS file for that route - if any). Street routes are by Vince Wells (TX)  Dual sport routes are courtesy of Galen Diehl (VA). Thanks guys!

There is a consolidated .zip file at the end of the routes that contains all of the .gpx file in one location. When you select the individual .gpx files to download you will probably have to use the 'save file as' to copy down the file. Most systems do not have a built in 'knowledge' of .gpx.

There is also a file that contains all the gps routes in one file  STAR2017.gpx. If you prefer, you can load up a single file and have every route (thanks Galen Diehl!).

Ignore all references to the Sheraton Colorado Springs Hotel - that is the Elegante Hotel (Sheraton sold out since the last update to Streets and Trips). Ignore most references to Toll Roads - the only Toll road is the one up Pikes Peak.

We would encourage you to review these routes and if they look interesting to you, please print all of the data you need, or copy it onto your smartphone. We will have state maps at STAR, but we will not have as much detail as you see in the notes section of each route. There will be route displays for each route at STAR, so you can mark up your own map. All of the formats shown can be easily copied to your computer and/or your smartphone.

Note that most of the street routes have dual sport extensions or side routes or alternate ways of getting where you want to go. This is in addition to the two routes dedicated to dual sport.

Important - if you plan on doing the two dual sport routes, I highly recommend that you come with National Geographic Maps 135 (Deckers, Rampart Range) and 137 (Pikes Peak, Canon City). Not only are these excellent maps (11.95 list price) but they give you a great resource for planning your dual sport rides!

All of the links except the .htm file point to .pdf files which you  can easily save to your own computer and/or smart phone and review at your convenience.

There is a mileage estimate and time estimate for each route. The time estimate is the amount of time to traverse the route at the speed limit and with normal traffic.

Cripple Creek, Guffey, Salida - 266 miles, 6.5 hours

To Aspen and back
- 317 miles, 6.5 hours

Squaw Pass and Mount Evans - 246 miles, 6.8 hours

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods - 70 miles, 2 hours

Dual Sport, Rampart Range  - 140 miles, 4 hours

Lunch Ride - Pine Valley Ranch, Pike-San Isabel National Forest - 190 miles, 4.5 hours

Dual Sport, Gold Belt Byway, Gold Camp Road- 142 miles, 4.5 hours

Colorado Route 92, Black Canyon of the Gunnison - 434 miles, 9.4 hours

Rocky Mountain National Park - 361 miles, 6.5 hours

Leadville- 277 miles, 6 hours

All individual GPS files in one place:

A file with all routes in one gpx file:

Please contact if you have any problems with these files.

In addition to the above route files, here are some files that you may find helpful:

Great Dual Sport options close to the hotel:

Colorado Springs brochure (pdf)

Hotel Amenities (jpg)

And our pics of the hotel when we went to evaluate it

One page map of the Colorado Springs / Pikes Peak area (jpg)

Quick map of the area around the hotel (jpg)

Comprehensive list of restaurants - Part 1 (jpg)

Comprehensive list of restaurants - Part 2 (jpg)

Watch out for Ride the Rockies!

The "Ride the Rockies" bicycle ride (2,000 plus cyclysts) will start June 11 (Sunday) in Alamosa and finish June 17th (Saturday) in Salida. Although we will not be in direct conflict during STAR, there is definitely a possibility that you may run into the bicycles on your post STAR touring. Please note the route on their web site:

You do not want to intersect with the ride at any time!
Total Control Advanced Rider Clinic Thursday June 15th

One of our members has her own motorcycle training concern called Flying Horse Training. She is personally certified as both Level 1 and Level 2 Total Control Advanced Rider Clinic Instructor (Lee Park's curriculum). She and a few more Instructors are offering Level 1 and Level 2 classes at Pike's Peak International Raceway on June the 15th, especially for the MSTA members interested in improving their riding.

Cost is 330.00 and includes lunch, refreshments and other goodies throughout the day. Two up riders welcome with a small fee for your passenger.

This is a very highly rated training course - see this independent review:
And their own testimonials:
Read their mission statment here:
And sign up here:
Scroll down to June 15th, Fountain Colorado.

Partial list of Other Things to do while you are at STAR
Saturday afternoon and evening pub crawl.

Saturday is really a pre-star day. Even though registration is open all day and going strong, it is not really 'officially STAR yet'.

We will be suggesting that all who are with us Saturday, head to downtown Colorado Springs for dinner, drinks and just a stroll in the beautiful downtown area.

We will use the hotel vans to go back and forth. The vans are 10 passengers each and they have 2 vans. We will also have taxi's you can call (or Uber/ Lyft - both available in the Springs) if you prefer to have better control of your travel to and fro. Downtown is less than 10 minutes from the hotel.

There is no 'official' time for this, so if you register for STAR, then head out for a quick ride, come back, take your shower and meet your friends in the lobby - that would be the perfect time to head 'downtown'.  
Remember No Mar will be on the spot at this STAR!

While we always hope for the best sometimes it’s best to plan for the worst.  For your convenience and safety, we will have Steve and Sue from No-Mar Tire Changers/Moto Tire USA on-site to provide tire sales and changing services for purchase.  This will save you the time and hassle of replacing your partially worn tires before you leave from home or the rally.  You can run what you’ve got and have the security of knowing a fresh set awaits you when you arrive.  They will have a supply of tire sizes/brands that are commonly used on our bikes, but Sue has requested you call at least a few weeks ahead to reserve your brand and size tire(s) of your choice to guarantee she will have them on hand.  Please call 636-343-6686 or toll free 888-976-6686 to reserve your tires.  While you’re there you should check out their line of tire changers and products available for the do-it-your-self members.

Print this PDF file and bring around to your local dealers, pin on their bulletin boards:


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