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If a class is full, please call (304) 388-2545 to be placed on a wait list.

Please note that we do not offer refunds. If for some reason you cannot attend the class and have already paid for it, we will give you credit toward another FRC class.

Participants are welcome to bring a partner or support person to any class at no additional charge, with the exception of CPR.

*CPR class requires each participant to register separately. We must know the exact number of participants to ensure we have sufficient equipment and educators.

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Class     Fee # Attendees

Sibling Prep, Oct. 2, 3:30-5pm     $.00
Women and Children's Hospital Tour,   
Oct.2, 6-7pm
Great Expectations Childbirth Class,   
Oct. 7,14,21 & 28, 6-8:30pm (4 week series)
Baby Care Basics, Oct. 8, 10am-12noon     $40.00
Breast Feeding Class, Oct. 11,   
Infant Massage, Oct.20, 6-7pm     $.00
Pediatric CPR, Oct.22, 6-8:30pm     $15.00
Birth Basics Childbirth Class, Nov.4th   
& 11th, 10am-1pm (2 week series)
Sibling Prep, Nov.6, 3:30-5pm     $.00
Women and Children's Hospital Tour,   
Nov.6, 6-7pm
Baby Care Basics, Nov.12, 6pm-8pm     $40.00
Breast Feeding Class, Nov.13, 6pm-8:30pm     $40.00
Massage for Couples, Nov.14, 6-7:30pm     $.00
Pediatric CPR, Nov.19, 6-8:30pm     $15.00
Done in a Day, Nov. 22, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.     $75.00
Birth Basics Childbirth Class, Dec. 2nd   
& 9th, 6pm-9pm (2 week series)
Sibling Prep, Dec.4, 3:30-5pm     $.00
Women and Children's Hospital Tour,   
Dec. 4, 6-7pm
Baby Care Basics, Dec. 10, 10am-12noon     $40.00
Pediatric CPR, Dec.17, 6-8:30pm     $15.00
Breast Feeding Class, Dec. 8, 1-3:30   
Infant Massage, Dec. 8, 6-7pm     $.00


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