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Creating reports in Excel

Creating reports from registration data is relatively straight forward using Excel spreadsheet software.

You do not have to be an expert in Excel, but it will help to know a few of the basics.

One of the most powerful tools available in Excel is the Pivot Table. Spend a few minutes learning how to create Pivot Tables and you are on your way to creating meaningful and easy to use reports.

The primary purpose of Pivot Tables is count your stuff.

Click the link below for a brief tutorial on using Pivot Tables:


And here is an example using actual registration data. The objective of this Pivot Table is to produce a count of T shirts by grade for a Vacation Bible School:



Here is an example of how to create simple listings using Excel:



You will note that the steps in both cases involve removing unwanted columns and/ or rows, then concentrate on just the columns you need. If you save your initial download as an Excel spread sheet, you can re-access it and build mutliple reports - one at a time by deleting columns that are not relevant for a particular report.

You will note also, that the column headings can be quite lengthy - they match the field names you used - shorten them for a smaller, easier to read report. It may be a good idea to shorten relevant headings, then save just the headings as a separate sheet, which can then be pasted into each report without having to rekey column headers.


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