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Add/ Delete test registrations

If you click the add test record, you will be directed to your registration form and will be able to add a registration in Test/Review status.


Note that test registrations consume inventory if you have any inventory controlled items.

When you remove/ delete test registrations, inventory is restored.

Please note that when you add records via add test record OR while your event is in preview mode, the   PlanetReg fees will be calculated and shown. They will remain on the dashboard  until you change the event status to open. You are never liable for fees shown while in test/ preview mode or when adding a test registration.

At some point you will probably want to delete your test registrations. Especially if your event had any inventory items. Inventory is depleted by test registrations.


There is a limit of 10 test registrations. If you need more than 10, just delete test registrations periodically and start again.

When you click the Delete test registrations action, you will see this screen:

You can click the Check All box to delete all test registrations or you can delete individuals by checking individual check boxes.

You can add test registrations at any time after your event is Open by using the Add test record link in the Manage/ Testing  section.

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