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When my Paypal fails

You have diagnosed your Paypal problems See Paypal issues and now need to notify your Hold status registrants that they should return to their registrations and make a payment.

Depending on the number of Holds you have, it may be easiest to just contact registrants individually via phone or email and have them use their registration link to return to Paypal via the Make a payment button.

If you have more than a few Holds, you can send a bulk email to just the Hold status registrants:




You should formulate an email that will make it easy for the registrant to log into their registration and make a payment - an example:

Here is that text in a copyable format:

Hello [firstName] [lastName],

We have experienced some difficulty with our Paypal account and would like you to return to your registration and complete the payment process.

This is the link to return to your registration: [loginClickHere]

There will be 'Make a Payment' button on your registration. Use that to return to Paypal and make your payment.

Mabel Abercrombie  555-782-9838



Of course you want to doubly sure that everything is OK before you send this email.

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