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Free Basic Mode

PlanetReg is Free to use in Basic mode.

There are limitations in Basic mode and not all features are available.

Click Here to compare Basic vs Pro features.

Paid Pro Mode

$.50 per registration + 2% of the cost

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Click here to see the same fee structure adjusted for other currency.

Prefer a fixed fee per registration? Contact Us and we will give you a quote.

Payment Processing Options

  • Credit Card/PayPal

  • Accept all major credit cards. You need to have a free Paypal Business or Premier account.

  • Pay by Check

  • Pay at the Door

  • Use your Merchant Account

  • Credit cards are processed in real-time using your internet gateway and funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

    Pricing FAQ

    • How do these fees work?

    • In Basic mode, there are no fees. In Pro mode the service fee is $.50 for each registration, plus 2% of the amount invoiced to the registrant upon checkout. Regardless of the registration cost, we cap our fee at $9 per checkout.

    • Can I pass the PlanetReg service fee on to the attendee?

    • Yes. You can add the PlanetReg fee to the registration/ticket cost.

    • How do you process the credit cards for people attending my event?

    • We offer several methods to process credit card payments. The simplest is to use Paypal to process credit cards. This requires you to have a free Paypal Business standard account. This method results in your customer's payments being deposited directly into your Paypal account.
      Note: your users don't need a Paypal account. They pay with their credit card.

      A second option is using a merchant account with an internet gateway. This method charges your user's credit cards in real-time and funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

      Another option is to use a hosted payment service such as PX Pay by Payment Express. This operates as a hybrid between Paypal and an internet gateway. The user is directed to a payment site where all credit card information is collected and the payment is processed with the user and payment information returned to PlanetReg upon completion.

    • I would like my own merchant account, can you recommend a processer?

    • We highly recommend Stripe as an easy to setup, affordable payment processor.

    • What if I have my own merchant account or already use a payment service?

    • We can connect PlanetReg to your merchant account payment gateway or payment service, with no connect fee. To set this up, please send us a message or call 800-549-2450.
      Click here for a list of processors PlanetReg is already integrated with.

    • How often do I get billed for your services?

    • We will send you an invoice once a month. We accept payment via Credit Card, Paypal or check.

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    PlanetReg can be used for:

    charity events
    sporting events & races
    free events
    church events
    camp registration
    association events
    club meetings
    class registration
    vacation bible school
    and more ...

    Whatever type of event, PlanetReg can help you save time and money.

    Customizable forms let you get the information you need from your attendees. Flexible payment options allow you to collect payment the way you want.

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