Special Feature


Non-US Dollar Currency

  • Conversion Rate

    If an alternate currency is used, the fee structure will be adjusted using a conversion rate to reflect the exchange rate between the selected currency and the US Dollar. The conversion rate determined upon the date the alternate currency is selected will be held static through the duration of the event, thus the fee structure will not change over the course of your event's registration period.

    Select a currency to display the attendant fee schedule


    Fee: 2% + , maximum.

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    PlanetReg can be used for:

    charity events
    sporting events & races
    free events
    church events
    camp registration
    association events
    club meetings
    class registration
    vacation bible school
    and more ...

    Whatever type of event, PlanetReg can help you save time and money.

    Customizable forms let you get the information you need from your attendees. Flexible payment options allow you to collect payment the way you want.

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