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Custom questions

In addition to the Standard Questions, you can define your own questions.

The Custom Questions section looks like this:

To initiate a Custom Question, click the add custom question box:

You need to enter a title for the question. In addition, you must indicate how to handle the answers to your question.

Each of the choices are explained below:

  • Small Text box; a one line text entry - up to 100 characters.
  • Large Text box; multiple line entry - up to 1000 characters.
  • Multiple choice box; use where you want to ask for specific values.
  • Line break; inserts an extra blank line.
  • Horizontal line; inserts a horizontal line on the form.
  • Free text; inserts additional explanatory text at this point on the form.
The multiple choice box has several choices which appear in a drop down box:

The choices are:

  • Drop down; allows only one choice. Looks just like the drop down that is presented when you select Type of multiple choice. You would use this if you had a large number of choices. The amount of screen space used is quite small and lends itself to a larger list of options.

  • Radio buttons; allows only one choice. Attendee must click least one button if this field is marked as required:

  • Check boxes; allows multiple selections (or none):

  • Yes/no; generates a drop down box with Yes/ No pre-populated:

As in many of the data entry screens, the Custom Questions entry has a more link. When you click the more link, you will see this additional information:

This additional set of options allows you to condition your custom question. You can either show it or not show it based on the type of registration. If visible is checked, the question will be shown. If you click the required box, attendees must answer the question.

You can also enter additional text that will be shown on the right side of the Custom Question.

You can change the order of the Custom questions.  Just hold down the left button on your mouse and drag the question to a new position.

A special note on changing your Custom questions.

If you want to change the type of answer to a custom question in any way, you cannot have any registrations present.

If you have registrations and they are all in Preview/ Test mode, just delete them and you can make changes.

If you have registered attendees already, you can Disable the existing question and construct a new question the way you want/ need it.

The video below demonstrates a complex set of custom questions and gives you an excellent idea of how flexible the feature can be:




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