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Discount codes

If you have a discount schedule, you can define it on the settings page by clicking the Discount codes link:


When you click the add choice, the following box will appear:

You can provide the Discount Code to selected attendees, when they use the Discount Code, the indicated percentage or dollar amount will be deducted from their total cost.

The discount code is not case sensitive so, in the above case, thanks2014 and THANKS2014 will cause the same discount to be applied.

You can enter as many discount codes as you like.

The Details entry is for your own reference and is not shown to the attendee.

You may restrict the number of times a discount code is used by specifying a quantity available.

When attendees register, they will see a place to enter Coupon Code (or whatever you want to call it):

You can change the description of the code by over keying the caption for the code.

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