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Overview of PlanetReg

Planetreg is a web based tool that you can use to register people for your events using the internet.

You have complete control over how your event will be presented to potential attendees. Some types of events where you could use PlanetReg:

  • Family reunion
  • Athletic training and events
  • Seminar
  • Corporate meetings
  • Church
  • School retreat
  • Mission trips
  • On line seminars
  • Ticket sales
  • Trade show
  • Class reunion
  • Neighborhood gatherings
  • Sport Team sign up
  • Club meeting
  • On line training
  • Membership sign up
  • Membership renewal
  • Summer camp
  • Scout outing
  • Band camp
  • School trips
  • Library
  • Volunteer schedules
  • Parties
  • Plus many other uses

You can collect attendee fees using Paypal, which accepts credit cards or Paypal accounts. You also have the option of having your attendees send you a check or pay you at your event.

To use Paypal for payment, you must have a Paypal account. To accept credit cards, you need a Premier or Business Paypal account. See:  Paypal for details on how to set up an account or how to upgrade your personal
account to a Business account.

If you have your own credit card merchant account, we can handle that too. You must obtain an internet credit card processor to use this feature. There are several available and we can give you a recommendation for processors that we have used in the past. Even with your own credit card processor, we would recommend that you also use Paypal as a convenience to your clients/ users.

Internet gateway processors currently supported:


eProcessing Network (ePN)
Paypal Payflow Pro
Paypal Payments Pro
Sage Payment Solutions
USA ePay
Payment Express - PXPay
St.George Bank
Bank of New Zealand
SecurePay (USA)
SecurePay (AUS)
Fat Zebra
Merchant One
Elavon – Converge

We are always adding new ones, so please check with us for the latest list.

PlanetReg is a product of HEMKO Systems Corporation. HEMKO has over 30 years of development experience in the meeting industry. We have been doing internet registration systems since 1996 and have registered millions of people through our software.

As part of the PlanetReg help system you will frequently see YouTube video screens.

The YouTube video presentation will illustrate a feature of PlanetReg.


In some cases you will not be able to see the videos in full screen - if you prefer full screen, click YouTube icon and ask to view the video in YouTube. That will provide the option to view in a separate window and in full screen mode. These issues are relevant only to viewing on your computer monitor.


Another option to make the video larger is to hold the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel to enlarge or decrease the video size.


When viewing on a phone or tablet, the video will be adjusted to allow for smaller screen sizes.


Below is a brief tutorial highlighting the basic feature of PlanetReg:  


 Use this icon if reading the pdf:




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