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Using the Edit/Hide buttons

The first screen shown after you define your event is the opening screen that will be presented to your registrants.

This screen has several sections. As your cursor passes over each section you will see these buttons:

Please note that the buttons are hidden until your cursor passes over each section. As you peruse a  section, you can decide whether you want to use that section or not use it (Hide it).

If you decide that you don't need it, you can click the Hide button and that section will not be included on your registration form. If you are going to use a section, click the Edit button and you will be shown a data entry screen that allows you to enter your own information for that section.

You can change your mind at any time - even after you have begun accepting registrations. As soon as you Hide a section, there will be a small question mark symbol     where that section used to be. If you click the question mark, the section will reappear and you can continue editing it.

The remainder of the Edit help sections will address the data entry functions for each main subsection.



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