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Add attendee

Under Admin Tasks on the Manage tab, you will see the add attendee link.

This link will direct you to your event form where you can add an attendee as an administrator.

There are a couple of very important differences when you add an attendee as an administrator:

1. All inventory is overridden - so if you have sold out of your registration allotment and/or have sold out of any inventory controlled items in the Additional Items or Sessions, these counts will be ignored when you do an administrative add attendee.

2. Date restrictions will be ignored - so you can enter an early bird registration after deadline, you can add additional items after their cutoff date and you can enter a registration after the event close date(s) have arrived.

3. Payment type may be skipped - you can enter payments manually after completing the registration.

4. Waiver can be skipped - since you are not the registrant. If you print the waiver on registrants confirmation, you should probably check the waiver box so the registrant can see what they are agreeing to. If you are entering a mail registration which has the waiver, be sure to check the waiver box.

It is very important that you understand that normal restrictions are bypassed on an administrative  
add attendee .

If your event is not free, there is a .50 charge to add an attendee through this link. The normal 2% of checkout amount does not apply.

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